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Classified AD RATES

Location Circulation Classified Text Classified Display
Delhi 641,743 ( Copies)Rs. 600 / 5 Lines Rs. 240( / sqcm )
Lucknow 66,439 ( Copies)Rs. 265 / 5 Lines Rs. 65( / sqcm )
Mumbai 130,924 ( Copies)Rs. 300 / 5 Lines Rs. 160( / sqcm )


Frequently Asked Questions

A Half Page newspaper ad in Navbharat Times Delhi edition can be booked in display ad format using our website. You need to select your target city, ad size and page preference to get the base rates and estimated ad cost. Once convinced, proceed to book the ad online before making payments using secure offline and online mediums. You can design your own ad using our tools on the compose ad page or upload the ad design before heading to the ad publishing date selection page. You can also generate a display ad quotation online before sharing it via any email id you enter. For further questions contact releaseMyAd Booking agents who can help you release your display ad at no extra cost.
The minimum ad size for front page is 12 cm (width) x 20 cm (height) ,the cost for Navbharat Times (Delhi) is Rs. 2,326 / sq cm and 1.019% tax so the cost calculation will be Rate x Width x Height + tax - Rs. 5,77,896   Should you like to book the ad, please let us know the preferred pullout you wish to take and we can create the booking for you and send you the payment link. You can choose to make your payment via online / offline. The modes of payment are stated below :  - Credit Cards/ Debit Cards (MasterCard, Visa,Maestro Card)  - Net Banking  - Cheque Deposit  - Cash Collection from Home / Office  - NEFT (Online Cash Transfer)
As per your requirement for advertising in Navbharat Times, please be informed that display adverts are charged on the basis of per sq. cm size of the advertisement on any particulare page. Also that display ad charges vary on the basis of page preferences for any newspaper. To review the ad rates for Navbharat Times in Mumbai and Delhi, please visit the following page: and choose the main edition as well as specify the advert size to get the exact ad cost. On the Compose Ad page you can create your ad with the help of our design templates as well as specify your page preference on the same page to get the exact ad cost. Here you can also choose the ad format as black and white or coloured which also effects your ad cost. To confirm the booking of your advert you must confirm the ad release dates as well as clear the payments on the Make Payment page, at least 2-3 days prior to the release of the advert.    
Please know that releaseMyAd is an online ad booking aency & we help you book Display ads across all Indian newspapers.  In order to know the ad rates for Retail Display adverts in Navbharat Times, please click on the following link: and choose the main newspaper or any other pullout as per your choice. Specify the ad size as quarter or half or full page to get the exact ad rates based on per of area of the ad for different editions. You can even choose the combo package as per your convenience to proceed to the Compose Ad page to either create or upload your own ad design. Please ensure that the ad is booked at least 2-3 days prior to the intended release date and all the payments are also cleared by the same time via our online or offline payment mediums.  
To book a display ad in Navbharat Times, Delhi/NCR edition, please visit the following link: On this page, please provide the ad size i.e. width and height separately and you can review the ad rate of your preferred city which is Delhi/NCR in this case. ReleaseMyAd, can offer a maximum discount of up to 5% for Display Ads. Since you already have the ad matter and design ready, if you wish to book the ad simply upload it and specify the exact size of the ad before choosing the release dates. When you choose the release dates, you can review the complete ad cost instantly and move forward with your payments.  

Booking Process

How are Navbharat Times Classified ads priced?

Times of India Newspaper Classified Advertising is the most cost effective way to promote your product or service and make your presence felt in the competitive market out there. Normally marketing your ad in a wide reader base can be an expensive affair but with releaseMyAd’s attractive ad rates and amazing discount packages you get the benefit of TOI Classifieds’ high circulation at the lowest imaginable expense. The pricing varies as per location, the rate card for which can be viewed if you scroll up this page. The two main kinds of Classified Ads and their cost guideline is given underneath:

  • Classified Text:The most Ideal option for cost conscious advertisers, Text ads are simple run on line advertisements published in the classified pages of Times Of India newspaper. Your ad cost is calculated on the number of lines used. The base rate / minimum charge for Navbharat Times Classified is specified for ten lines advertisement. Should your newspaper advertisement exceed five lines, you will be charged as per the extra line rate. You can add enhancements to your classified ad matter with screen, tick & colour options at a marginal increase in price. This results in higher visibility and response for your classified Ad.
  • Classified Display: Ideal for Obituary, Recruitment, Education type advertisements in newspapers, these ads are printed on the classified pages of Times Of India Main Newspaper. Along with some text, they also contain images, company logos, designs etc for enhanced visibility. The tariff for these advertisements is calculated on a per square cm basis.  The minimum ad size for Times Display classified ad is 3x5 cm. Kindly note that these Ads generally have a fixed width of 3 cm for Times Classifieds.